Reuven Lerner's Free Python Course for Non-programmers

An excellent, live course on Python & programming for Beginners.

I can’t remember where I heard about Reuven Lerner’s free Python for Non-programmers Course, but I’m sure glad I did.

Reuven started these live, weekly workshops a few weeks ago. Since the sessions are recorded and the class is only held once a week, it’s still possible to catch up.

The class is aptly named; the pace and the explanations are geared for non-programmers. However, if you have some programming experience but want or need a slower pace, Reuven’s roughly 60-minute classes and weekly assignments should fit into your schedule.

Reuven keeps the class lively and he’s animated—especially at the 1.5x speed! He’s also involved on the class forum where students are encouraged to share the homework.

If you have some Python experience or want to make faster Python progress, Reuven has written several books and has more advanced courses. Based on the care Reuven has for his beginning students, I have no doubt all of his offerings are worth your time.