My Portfolio

Hello, I’m Aaron Stroud—a web developer & problem solver.

My favorite experience was collaborating with a small team to develop an international orphan ministry’s websites. Previously, I co-founded a training design, marketing, & technical writing firm. I taught technical writing to 200 engineering students while earning my master’s degree.

The most up-to-date list of my Front End projects can be found at Frontend Mentor.

Web Developer | COTN 3½ Years

screenshot of COTN's website
Website featuring online donations, orphan sponsorship system, & staff intranet.
Ruby on Rails app, using erb templates, Git, and deployed to slicehost.

Web Developer / Technical Writer | Incremental Success 7 Years

screenshot of Incremental Success' website
Website (archived here) used an open source Made Mistakes theme and was generated by static site generator Jekyll. Templates were written in Liquid.
Originally hosted on Amazon S3 before moving to netlify's extremely fast CDN with a simple git push.


I am currently working through Wes Bos’ JavaScript courses. I’ve listed a few of my modified versions of his JS projects below.

I’ve also included a couple of personal web projects below and my GitHub account has several repos from the past several years.

screenshot of Incremental Success' website
My website was originally powered by Nesta a lightweight Content Management System, written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework.
Nesta uses .haml templates for views, Sass. The website was deployed to heroku's webapp platform.
Nesta dynamically generated pages which was overkill for my website. So I soon moved on to static site generator Jekyll with Amazon S3 hosting my site.
Currently, the website uses Jekyll, git, html/css, and is deployed to netlify's global CDN with a simple git push.
screenshot of retired On Financial Success personal finance blog
Custom Wordpress theme, template lost in the ether.

Learning Projects

Boss Headquarters’ Map Ajax city list with Leaflet.js interactive map
Wes Bos Soundboard a soundboard using Wes Bos sound effects
Wes-a-Sketch a web-based Etch-a-Sketch