Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Courses

Whether you want to become a web developer or improve your technical skills, the Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Courses are a wonderful choice.

The Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Tutorials started as one of the preeminent Ruby on Rails tutorials.

LE has since then grown into a complete set of courses for starting a web development career—or simply to learn enough to be dangerous.

The past few weeks I’ve been exploring the tutorials. They remind me of the original Rails Tutorial.

The Rails Tutorial was popular for many reasons. The tutorial was one of the earliest books on Ruby on Rails, but more importantly it guided the reader through a complete real-world project.

I went through the first version of the Rails Tutorial years ago. When it was time to refresh my skills, I returned for Learn Enough’s thorough approach and realistic projects.

I started at the beginning of the LE Tutorials and really liked how the tutorials build on each other. First you cover the basics of the command line, text editors, and Git. These skills are used throughout the remaining tutorials.

Next comes the web basics which likely have significantly changed if you didn’t learn HTML & CSS recently.

I’m currently working through the JavaScript tutorial before returning to Ruby & the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the LE Tutorials so far and can heartily recommend them.

If you’re interested in further reading, the free LE Development Environment & LE Custom Domains tutorials give you a good feel for the paid tutorials. There’s also a scholarship option if money’s tight or if the price doesn’t translate equitably into your local currency.