Notes from Byteconf React 2020

Byteconf is a free developer conference series, streamed online and well worth watching and attending.

Put Down The JavaScript

Watch Presentation | Colby Fayock | @colbyfayock

I enjoyed Colby’s presentation and classic video gaming style. When learning a new tool or framework, many of us are tempted to race ahead to a flashy deliverable. There’s a lot of danger in that approach and Colby shares a great real-world example of how professionally costly that approach can be.

Colby also shares a series of basic jobs that HTML and CSS are perfectly capable of handling now. Put down the JavaScript! Some of this may be review for viewers, but it’s likely helpful nonetheless.

Colby ends with very impressive demos of what can be done with the basics.

Static Sites and Serverless Functions - A Dynamic Combination

Watch Presentation | James Quick | @jamesqquick

James’ presentation is great for people skeptical of static sites’ ability to deliver a dynamic experience. Or for people interested in more examples of what can be accomplished.

James shares his personal Quick Talks site that lists his talks and provides attendees an easy method of providing feedback. Hosted on netlify with a little help from and Quick Talks’ source code is available on GitHub.

James’ site is an interesting approach to an old task. Well worth watching if you’re new to serverless functions.

Beginner Pitfalls: My Personal Journey

Watch Presentation | Mahmoud Abdelwahab | @thisismahmoud_

This talk is full of good advice. If you’re just starting out, getting back to coding, or simply feel like a beginner, you’ll find some good takeaways from Mahmoud’s journey.

Do you see yourself in this list? Mahmoud’s talk covers a lot of ground and at one time or another, I can see myself in all of these points:

When I started this post, I thought I’d highlight a couple of my favorite points, but now I can’t find a way to force myself to pick favorites. They’re all too important, so let me leave you with this advice.

If you’re starting out or just feel like you’re still “starting”, watch Mahmoud’s talk and take his lessons to heart.

Many Thanks 👏

Many thanks to all of the speakers who gave their time to teach. And special thanks to Kristian Freeman at Bytesized who organizes Byteconf. Check out the past conferences and give Kristian a shoutout @signalnerve.